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Custom Order & Cut Metal Supplier for Kansas

Our materials are sold on a tiered pricing structure so the more you buy, the bigger the discount.

Aluminum  |  Brass & Copper  |  Cold Finish Steel  |  Hot Rolled Steel  |  Stainless Steel

Hot Rolled Steel

Steel Angle

Steel Angle - Galvanized

Steel Channel

Steel Beams

Steel Flat Bar

Steel Square Bar

Steel Round Bar

Steel Square Tube

Steel Rectangle Tube

Steel Round Tube - DOM

Steel Round Tube - Welded

Steel Pipe

Steel Sheet

Steel Plate - A36

Steel Plate - High Strength

Steel Plate - AR400 F

Steel Plate - A514 / T1

Steel Plate - A516 PVQ

Steel Plate - A588 Corten

Steel Plate - Armor 46100

Steel Floor Plate

Steel Expanded Metal

Steel Perforated Sheet

Steel Safety Grating - Grip Strut

Steel Bar Grating

Steel Wire Mesh

Galvanized Steel Products

Galvanized Angle

Galvanized Channel

Galvanized Beams

Galvanized Square & Rect. Tube

Galvanized Pipe

Galvanized Flat Bar

Galvanized Sheet & Plate

Galvanized Grating


Aluminum Angle - 6061

Aluminum Angle - 6063

Aluminum Channel - 6061

Aluminum Channel - 6063

Aluminum Beams

Aluminum Flat Bar - 6061

Aluminum Square Bar - 6061

Aluminum Round Bar - 6061

Aluminum Square Tube

Aluminum Rectangle Tube

Aluminum Round Tube

Aluminum Pipe

Aluminum Sheet - 3003, 5052

Aluminum Plate - 3003, 5052

Aluminum Sheet & Plate - 6061

Aluminum Diamond Plate

Aluminum Expanded Metal

Aluminum Perforated Sheet

Aluminum Bar Grating

Brass & Copper

Brass Flat Bar

Brass Square Bar

Brass Round Bar

Brass Sheet & Plate

Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel Angle - 304

Stainless Steel Angle - 316

Stainless Steel Channel

Stainless Steel Flat - 304

Stainless Steel Flat - 316

Stainless Steel Square - 304

Stainless Steel Square - 316

Stainless Steel Round - 304

Stainless Steel Round - 316

Stainless Steel TGP Shafting

Stainless Square Tube - 304

Stainless Rectangle Tube - 304

Stainless Steel Round Tube

Stainless Steel Pipe - 304

Stainless Sheet - 304

Stainless Sheet - 316

Stainless Plate - 304

Stainless Steel Floor Plate

Stainless Expanded Metal

Stainless Perforated Sheet

Stainless Bar Grating

Polished Stainless Products

Stainless Sheet - Polished

Stainless Square Tube - Polished

Stainless Round Tube - Polished

Stainless Pipe – Polished

Stainless Steel Treaded Rod

Cold Finish Steel

Cold Finish Steel Flat

Cold Finish Steel Round

Cold Finish Steel Square

Cold Finish Steel Hexagon

1045 TGP Steel Shafting

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